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Government website offers free 'My Money' tool kit

by Center for Personal Finance editors / June 5th, 2006

WASHINGTON (6/6/06)--The federal government is taking direct aim at the problem of financial illiteracy and hopes for a bulls-eye with a new website ( is dedicated to helping Americans better understand their money as they face a daily battle to balance their checkbooks, shop for loans, review statements, understand their credit reports, and save and invest for the future. Clickable topics include budgeting and taxes, financial planning, home ownership, kids, paying for education, scams, starting a small business, and more. There are resources in Spanish as well as information to help you respond to different life events. You'll find resources from 20 federal agencies governmentwide. Go beyond the online resources and order a free tool kit that helps you choose and use credit cards, get out of debt, protect your credit record, understand Social Security benefits, and start a savings and investment plan for you and your family. Order the kit online or call 888-mymoney (888-696-6639).
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