Keep Your Phone Secrets Secret

by Tracy Curtis / June 28th, 2020

Smartphones have gone from novelty items to hubs for communication, entertainment, travel, research, banking, navigation, and capturing it all for posterity. If you’re a person whose daily functioning and secrets are tied to your phone, make sure that only you can access it.

The easiest way to secure your phone is to always keep it with you. Most people have conditioned themselves to regularly check their phone throughout the day. The ability to remotely track, lock, or erase phones using the Find My Device or Find My iPhone apps makes your phone less attractive to thieves and generally less dangerous to lose.

Remote access technology helps only if you’ve turned on those features and added a security measure to get beyond your lock screen. Most phones allow you to set a passcode, PIN, or pattern. High end phones might let you choose fingerprints, irises, voices, or faces for phone access. Security experts generally recommend using a complex password rather than any kind of biometric confirmation.

Once you’ve secured your phone physically, make sure no one can get in virtually. Here are some steps you can take.

It’s estimated that 28% of people do nothing to secure their phones. Take time now to keep your phone, and all the information it contains, safe.


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