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Save Money While You're a Student

by Brandon Kappel / August 23rd, 2019

Money might be tight when you’re in college, but it’s not impossible to find ways to save:


It’s essential to create a spending plan so you know where and how you’re spending your money. This allows for better spending habits. Without knowing where your money is going, it’s impossible to know what to cut back on. Too many dinners out with friends and an unexpected book you have to buy for class and suddenly all the money you have for the month could be gone.


Prepping meals at home can save you a lot of money. One meal out can cost as much as one cooked meal that includes leftovers for two more meals. Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Stock up on sale items you can easily store or freeze to save time and money.


Before you go out and buy the newest copy of each book for your classes, shop around. Look for used versions of textbooks or rent them if possible. Sometimes you even can find textbooks at the library. If you have to resort to buying a textbook at full price, take good care of it so you can sell it back at the end of the semester.


Staying busy for cheap while in college should never be a problem. Instead of going out and spending money on entertainment, check out the free events that your campus has to offer—concerts, movies, speakers, sporting events. Stay in shape with the free fitness classes or intramural sports that are offered at your school’s recreational center. Lastly, ditch your cable—watch shows and movies online.

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