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September is National Preparedness Month

by Laura Varela / September 4th, 2021

Many people don’t take the necessary precautions to prepare for a possible emergency situation or protect their financial records from any kind of disaster. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) wants to change that during National Preparedness Month in September. This year’s theme is “Disasters Don’t Wait. Make Your Plan Today.”

Have you planned for the possibility that your family may not be together when the disaster strikes? How will you contact one another? Have you asked about emergency plans at work, at the daycare, and at your child's school? The key messages of the month-long campaign: Get prepared and get involved. 

Not sure where to start? Visit for checklists, videos, instructions on how to make a plan, including how to adjust the plan due to the coronavirus. Start with important documents. Keep copies of the following financial documents handy—on your smart phone or in a water-proof container—in case you need to leave your house quickly:
•    Family records
•    Medical records
•    Wills
•    Deeds
•    Social Security number
•    Credit union and credit card accounts information
•    Tax records

•    Medical insurance and Medicare cards (photocopy)

Make sure that a family member or friend has copies of these documents and include the names and contact information of your support network and medical providers. Visit the website for links for preparing consumers, businesses, and kids. 

Do it now. Talk to your family and get organized before you're faced with an emergency of any kind. 

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