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6 Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs

by Rena Crispin, CUDE, CCUFC / May 2nd, 2021


One in four Americans are having difficulty paying for medications and certain demographics are feeling the crunch more than others.

Here are 6 ways you can control price increases:Save on prescription drugs

Medicare Part D: Compare your specific prescriptions every time you re-enroll. Examine the plans’ monthly premiums and check out what changes are being made and how you’ll be charged for specific prescriptions.  

Manufacturer: Call the customer service department at the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug and ask what kind of help it can provide. Some companies will appeal to your insurer on your behalf to cover the drug or offer you a discount.

Generic: If your doctor prescribes a brand name, ask if a generic will work in your situation. Usually the active ingredient is the same.  

Larger doses: Ask your doctor if larger doses are available. If so, and the pill comes in tablet form, check with the pharmacist to see if that particular pill can be cut in half or in quarters. You can purchase an inexpensive pill cutter at pharmacies everywhere.

Online coupons: Coupons that discount drugs 20% to 70%, with no enrollment fees or denials, are available on the Web. Google the drug and add the word “coupon” to see a list of companies that provide free discount cards that are good for every FDA-approved drug.

Mail-order pharmacy. You can save a lot of money through online pharmacies. Before you use one, check it out through either the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy or the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

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